Tesla's Hiring Secrets: Your Guide to Joining the Tesla Team

Many recent grads choose this organization for their next IT job because of its goal to lead in renewable energy. The Tesla-branded corporation is known for its design, elegance, and sustainability.

If you believe Tesla is simpler to work for than Facebook, Amazon, and Google, think again. Who knew Tesla received over 3 million applications in 2021?


With such tough competition, you need a mentor to help you land your dream career. This article examines Tesla's hiring and selection process and offers tips for getting a job.

Why Join Tesla?

Tesla is dedicated to advancing a future without emissions, focusing on eco-friendly energy solutions. As a top manufacturer of electric vehicles globally, working at Tesla comes with a prestigious reputation.

Their renowned status and achievements make it plausible that they can significantly influence environmental betterment. Tesla's portfolio extends beyond automobiles to include innovations like battery storage systems and solar panels.


High Compensation at Tesla

Working at Tesla comes with the benefit of receiving substantial yearly earnings.

Below is a list of typical earnings at Tesla:

  • Production Associate earns $21.04 hourly.
  • Service Technician gets $26.63 hourly.
  • Production Supervisor makes $88,289 annually.
  • Software Engineer receives $133,200 annually.
  • Solar Installer earns $23.89 hourly.
  • Assembler gets $21.72 hourly.
  • Senior Software Engineer makes $163,368 annually.
  • Automotive Technician receives $26.50 hourly.
  • Tool and Die Maker earns $36.50 hourly.

According to the data on Tesla's Indeed website, their average pay is much higher. As a large firm, Tesla has the means to pay its workers more than the average U.S. tech salary of $44,951 per year.


To demonstrate, Software Engineers at Tesla make an average of $133,200 per year, whereas Production Supervisors earn around $88,289.

Employee Perks at Tesla

Tesla offers a range of bonuses to its workers, including a bespoke healthcare plan based on individual requirements.

The Human Rights Campaign gave the company a flawless Corporate Equality Index score for LGBTQ equality. Tesla has anti-discrimination policies and provides equal benefits to LGBTQ and non-LGBTQ employees.

Tesla employees' shares Purchase Plan and equity rewards let all employees buy shares. Tesla offers employee car leasing. Travel, computers, childcare, gym memberships, and other expenditures are eligible for financial aid.

Tesla Offers a Diverse Range of Career Opportunities

Tesla has a wide range of work opportunities, offering you lots of possibilities to fit your skills. Discover these four crucial areas for Tesla careers:


Think about working in the engineering division of Tesla, which encompasses disciplines including computer, mechanical, electrical, and production engineering.

Contributing to the development and enhancement of Tesla's automobiles and energy solutions would be part of your job description.


In manufacturing, you may choose a more hands-on position. Working as a technician or manufacturing associate will put you close to the assembly line of Tesla products.

This entails collaborating as a team to build goods, keep machinery in good working order, improve procedures, and put safety first.

Commercial and Support Services

Tesla's sales and service department is an alternative for those who are less inclined to work in technical or manual capacities.

You will engage with customers, answer their questions, and help them make purchases in this capacity. Additionally, you will provide advice on product specifications and fixes.

Both Administrative and General

Finally, there are positions in Tesla's administrative division that handle legal, marketing, human resources, and finance-related issues.

Analytical abilities and a commitment to improving Tesla's business operations worldwide are prerequisites for these roles.

Opportunities for Students

Tesla offers internships all year long, allowing students to work with seasoned engineers and technicians and get real-world experience.


For students in North America over the age of 18, Tesla START is a program that focuses on improving their technical skills.

Over 12 weeks, you will get an integrated education that combines classroom instruction and hands-on experience with your studies as an automobile mechanic. After finishing, you'll have certificates that improve your chances of finding employment.

Tesla's Employee Expectations

Tesla looks for certain qualities in its employees. They prefer individuals who are inventive, cooperative, enthusiastic, and dependable.

Your specific role will dictate the need for technical skills, excellent problem-solving abilities, and the capacity to thrive in a dynamic setting.

Tesla's Recruitment Procedure

To access benefits like attractive salaries, generous vacation time, and flexible work hours at Tesla, you must first excel in the interview. It's important to understand the interview process and be ready to respond to typical Tesla interview questions.

Every candidate undergoes a comprehensive five-stage screening process before receiving an offer letter. This process can take anywhere from a week to over a month. The hiring process includes:

  • Screening call with a recruiter
  • Online assessment
  • Telephone interview with a hiring manager
  • Panel interview on-site
  • Notification of application outcome (job offer or rejection)

Don't be intimidated by this process. We'll guide you through each step in more detail, explaining what to expect and offering tips to help you succeed in your interview.

Although the five-step process might seem challenging, it's generally a positive experience for those being interviewed.

Duration of Tesla's Interview Process

The time it takes to complete Tesla's interview process varies widely. While some positions might be filled within a week, others could take a month or longer.

Feedback from Tesla Interview Candidates

Most candidates find the interview process, which consists of five steps, to be of moderate difficulty.

Here's what some previous candidates have said:

  • They had the opportunity to showcase their personality and work ethic during the interview.
  • The recruiter effectively illustrated what it's like to work at Tesla.
  • The recruiter was prompt in responding.
  • The interviewers were relatable and approachable.
  • Tesla's Interview Process Rankings

Based on data from Comparably, Tesla's interview process is highly rated, placing in the top 5% among companies of similar size. Additionally, it earned a B+ grade, ranking it in the top 20% for interview experience.

Tesla Interview Process Explained

The time it takes can vary from one to four weeks. Here's what you'll go through, depending on the job you're applying for.

First Stage: Recruiter Call

After applying, getting referred, or being identified by a recruiter for a role at Tesla, the first step is a half-hour phone call.

This call involves discussing:

  • Your work background, skills, or training
  • How you approach and solve difficult problems
  • What do you expect in terms of salary

The aim is to see if you're suitable for the job and have the necessary skills and knowledge.

Second Stage: Online Tests

This part involves various tests over a week.

You'll be evaluated on your technical abilities, reading and math skills, Excel knowledge, and personality to see if you're right for Tesla.

For senior roles, expect tougher, longer tests. These examine your adaptability, problem-solving skills, and expertise.

Third Stage: Interview with the Hiring Manager

After your online assessment, there's a phone interview with the hiring manager.

Expect questions about:

  • What makes a good Tesla employee
  • Potential challenges in the role
  • Problem-solving with limited information
  • Ideas for Tesla's culture

This interview focuses on your past performance, specific technical skills, and how well you'd fit in at Tesla.

Fourth Stage: Panel Interview at Tesla

If the hiring manager thinks you're a good match based on your skills, problem-solving, and cultural fit, you'll go to a panel interview.

Here, you'll give a 30-minute presentation to Tesla's team about the hardest problem you've solved, detailing your approach and steps.

Be ready for in-depth questions. Your responses are crucial for the final decision.

Fifth Stage: Decision

After all these stages, the team reviews your performance and decides. If successful, you'll receive an offer letter from the hiring manager.

Ace the Interview Process

Before even getting chosen for an interview, it's crucial to have a resume that aligns well with the company's needs and desired skills. This is particularly true if you're aiming for a position at Tesla.

Here's some advice:

  • Customize your resume using the STAR method.
  • Examine the job postings and requirements at Tesla closely. The better your resume reflects the company's specific needs, the higher your chances are.

The STAR method is highly effective for this. It helps you structure your work experience.

STAR stands for:

  • Situation - Identify the problem you faced.
  • Task - Describe the steps you took.
  • Action - Explain your approach to solving the problem.
  • Result - Share the outcomes of your actions.

Here's a broad example for your resume:

  • Situation and Task: Developed code for the backend interface to tackle customer retention challenges.
  • Action and Result: Collaborated with the analytics team to launch a new app, cutting the churn rate by 25%.

Aligning your resume precisely with the job's requirements and descriptions is key in the hiring process.

Understanding the Tesla Evidence of Excellence Query

You could be required to provide your "evidence of excellence" as proof of your qualifications while applying for a job at Tesla. This is about presenting credible evidence of your skills, credentials, and prior experiences.

What constitutes proof of greatness is as follows:

  • Academic and Professional Credentials: Your degree program and any certificates you may possess attest to your proficiency in the area. This comprises a variety of licenses, degrees, certificates, and other credentials that are relevant to the position you are looking for.
  • Honours and Achievements: Any accolades you've gotten serve as a testament to your extraordinary abilities. Mention any noteworthy accomplishments, finished projects, or other actions that showcase your skills.
  • Professional Expertise: Your prior employment history is a key indicator of your professional aptitude and expertise. Provide a summary of your duties, key job titles, and any promotions or unique recognition you've received from previous companies.
  • References and Endorsements: Past employers or clients may attest to your reliability and work ethic. Think about including recommendation letters, LinkedIn recommendations, and encouraging comments from coworkers.

Tesla looks for applicants who have a track record of success in demonstrating their ability to work effectively and produce exceptional outcomes.

To find these people, the company asks for proof of excellence. You may set yourself apart from the competition by emphasizing your examples of greatness.

Highlight Your Tesla Achievements in Interviews

Having a list of your achievements at Tesla is great, but it's crucial to present them effectively during your interview to make a strong impression on the recruiters.

Follow these strategies:

  • Tailor Your Responses for Each Interview: Different roles demand distinct skills and experiences. In your interview, focus on the skills that are most pertinent to the job you're applying for.
  • Review Job Listings: As you prepare for your interview, look over the job listing and take note of the skills and expertise they need. Prepare examples from your experience demonstrating these skills and rehearse talking about them in your interview.
  • Use Concrete Examples: When discussing your past achievements or work experience, provide concrete examples. Talk about specific projects you've been involved in and the outcomes you achieved.
  • Use Numbers to Illustrate Your Success: Whenever possible, back up your achievements with numerical data. This could include percentages, sales figures, project completion rates, etc.
  • Employ Dynamic Language: In your interview, use dynamic verbs like developed, accomplished, and led.

Establish a Network to Gain Entry Opportunities

Establishing a strong network is crucial for securing a demanding job, such as a position at Tesla. There are various networking methods; it's best to choose one that fits your style.

Here's how you can network effectively using your computer:

  • Enhance your LinkedIn and Twitter profiles to showcase your professional skills.
  • Engage with content through likes, tweets, shares, and hashtags to increase your visibility.
  • Initiate conversations with Tesla's hiring managers and employees.
  • Always aim to provide value in interactions, showing it's not just about what you gain.

Employing one or several of these networking strategies can help you create a network that may assist in opening doors for you.

Behavioral and Technical Interview Questions You Need to Prepare

In interviews, expect to be queried about your past work, experiences, and technical expertise.

Use the STAR method to structure your answers effectively and clearly.

Tesla Interview Sample Questions

Anticipate questions at a Tesla interview that probe into past failures or challenges. Use the STAR format to craft answers that showcase your emotional intelligence, technical abilities, and problem-solving skills.

Example 1: Desire to Work at Tesla

  • Question: Why do you want to work for Tesla?
  • Answer: Tesla's commitment to renewable energy is consistent with my moral principles. I'm excited to use my creative thinking, interpersonal skills, and everyday problem-solving to support this objective. If employed, my goal is to constantly improve my abilities and help find long-term, sustainable solutions.

Example 2: Learning from Failure

  • Question: When have you failed? What did you learn from it?
  • Answer: Following my quick promotion to lead software developers, I had uncertainty about my choices and imposter feeling. In spite of the difficulty, I asked a career counselor at work for assistance. We worked on my imposter syndrome once a week. Our team's productivity increased by 10% the following year, and we routinely beat deadlines. I learned from this experience how crucial teamwork and smart preparation are to conquering difficult obstacles.

Final Thoughts

The hiring process at Tesla is tough, yet achievable. By employing effective tactics, you can successfully navigate through their five-stage interview process and secure the job you've always wanted.

Using the STAR method is a great way to align your professional experience with the job specifications and criteria Tesla has set. It also helps you structure your responses effectively when faced with difficult interview questions.

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